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Serving San Diego since 1977

Electronic Metal Fabrication, Inc. began as a partnership in 1977. Tony Collins, a retired Navy Master Chief Petty Officer and certified nuclear welder, and his former partner borrowed space and set about to use the expertise they had gained in the Navy to enter business in the private sector.


Mr. Collins' had become acquainted with Dr. Barbara June Hill, who was Grossmont District's superintendent for personnel, through his activities as a pilot. They had both made a number of flights together being from the same flying club. They grew closer together and started dating just as Mr. Collins' work partnership was splitting up. They were married in 1980.


On February 14, 1977, Mr. Collins and Dr. Hill became shareholders of the newly formed company Electronic Metal Fabrication, Inc ("EMF"). Through the years, the business had progressed in its ability to make precision sheet metal products. At first, EMF used traditional "single stage" equipment, then moved into the computerized era with automatic punching equipment including the CNC machines that it uses today.


When Mr. Collins and Dr. Hill decided on retiring and selling their business, they wanted to make sure they found someone who would maintain the quality and reputation they had established.
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EMF's 8,000 sq. ft. facility located in San Diego, CA | Electronic Metal Fab

Tony Collins, founder of EMF

Bernardo "Bernie" Miranda had learned that EMF was for sale from clients he had worked with. He was previously employed as a machine operator for EMF in 1987 for over one year and personally knew Tony Collins and B.J. Hill. Bernie worked in the metal fabrication industry since 1986 and had become proficient at operating an array of job shop tools, machinery and equipment. His competence at those precise tasks was evidenced by him being given the responsibility of training new employees. He was then promoted to cost estimator and learned the business end of a job shop. Bernie gained further skills that promoted him to a shop foreman- a position that would give him the responsibility to lead a crew and interface with the company's clients. Since Bernie was easy to deal with, technically skilled and persistent, many clients suggested that he had all the talents of a business owner.


When EMF became available for purchase, Bernie immediately began negotiations to purchase the business alongside his wife, Bienvenida "Benny" Miranda, who had been working in accounting at the time. Bernie and Benny came into ownership of Electronic Metal Fabrication, Inc. in April 2002.


Today, Electronic Metal Fabrication, Inc. continues to thrive under Bernie and Benny Miranda while maintaining the quality and reputation that Tony Collins and B.J. Hill had established. While keeping business in San Diego, California, EMF expanded to a larger 8,000 sq. foot facility in 2006 and now has the capacity to employ twice the amount of staff than the previous ownership. EMF became certified ISO 9001 in 2010, which is indicative of its core emphasis on quality. Bernie and Benny are committed to the success of their business and look forward to new and exciting oppurtunities.

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